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​Welcome to Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic  located on the southeast coast of the island of Hispaniola at the mouth of the Ozama River. It is a historic city and also is one of the oldest city that was built by the European in 16th century.



Los Tres Ojos National Park: It is one of Santo Domingo’s most unique natural attractions - an open-air limestone cave. It is an extremely impressive network of stalagmites and stalactites surround the lakes like entering into another world.

​Alcázar de Colón: Is a  UNESCO World Heritage site and is the oldest Viceroy residency in all of the Americas. It was used to be the home of the famous Columbus family who was the explorer and navigator and was built by his son in 1515.

This historic place now belongs to the Museo Alcazar de Diego

Calle Las Damas: is one of the Colonial Zone’s most impressive destinations. The cobblestone street is believed to be the first ever in the New World. It is lined with classic Spanish-style houses and beautiful European churches that are a nod to the city’s ancient past. 

Columbus light house: Is an impressively distinct project that could be seen fromPuerto Rico Island.



​International airport: There are two international airport namely Américas Dr. JF Peña Gomez and Higüero Dr. J Balaguer connecting to many city all over the world daily.

Doctor with Infant

​Health care: An ideal destination for health tourism.

School Supply

​Education:Have access to all level of education for local and international students.

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